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In our world today, the unfortunate truth is that pollution on our beaches is not limited to small
pieces of trash. In the United States, oil and tar are two of the biggest (BP anyone?). You hear
about catastrophes like in the spill in the Gulf of Mexico, or Red Tide, all on the news and
internet. Unless you’re out in the water on a regular basis, though, it’s often forgetful. These
events are a serious impact on our wildlife and ecosystems, and as surfers, it is our part to keep
a careful mind on such a topic and how we can help.
Surfrider is all over, in Los Angeles, Malibu, the South Bay, San Diego, La Jolla, Pacific and
Mission, you name it. Some things I learned from my time at Surfrider is that cleaning up even a
few things you see at the beach can take our footprint off the ocean in a big way. Stuff that
piece of trash in your wetsuit. They have a number to call to if you see tar on the beach. By the
way, clean that tar off with baby oil. It’s a non-polar molecule​ and the polarity of water won’t help get rid of it.
Clean the beach and be a responsible beachgoer​, visitor or local.