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Newport  | Surf Lessons

Newport is quite simply our favorite beach to teach at in Orange County due to its perfect sandbar that pumps out waves consistently year round. We love this beach and are proud to be holding it down as the standard and highest rated surf instructors in the area. There are a multitude of places to surf in Newport, but over the years we have found that the River Jetties is quite simply the best beach to surf because of the options it brings to the table. First off it has a beginner area that is not as crowded as the pier this allows you to learn at your own pace not being intimidated by huge crowds you will find elsewhere. Secondly there is variety in the wave as you can start off in the white water reform build some confidence then move to the outside where you will find a more intermediate to advanced wave. This factors into a high probability that you will learn in a safe environment that will allow you to progress at your own pace.

It doesn’t matter what your age is or how athletic you are because our instructors have years of experience, our equipment is specially made for beginners, and we have a consistent wave to surf. Most surf schools throw you out on a cheap Costco board that can work for some surfers, but not necessarily someone just getting into the sport. Our storm blade surf school edition boards are the standard for people learning to surf as they have more volume and are easier to ride. You are in good hands with the pros at Learn To Surf so come down catch some waves with us and invest in your memories.


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