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Huntington Beach, California | Surf City USA

They call it surf city for a reason as there are waves you can catch at this beach everyday of the year. Huntington Beach is a hotbed of local talent and surfers here know there is a wide variety of waves you can catch from the Pier to the “cliffs”. We will make sure you get more waves than you ever could on your own.

Best beaches to “Learn To Surf” in Huntington

  1. 9th St
  2. Huntington Beach Pier
  3. 17th St
  4. The Cliffs
  5. Goldenwest

All of the beaches above have a little something for everyone as a beginner surfer you should be on the hunt for a sandbar that has a slow breaking wave that is easy to paddle into. The most common mistakes for a beginner is that you use a board that is too short that is difficult to paddle only to miss waves and pearl. A reform wave is one that has already broken on the sandbar that turns in to whitewater this type of wave is easier to ride and all 5 beaches listed here can do just that. Our pros will tell you when to catch a wave by reading conditions that would be impossible for a novice to understand on their own.

Intermediate surfers are looking for a wave in Huntington that has enough face on it for them to go down the line and make a few turns and Huntington has a wide array of waves you can rip. Making a bottom turn will help you generate enough speed to make sections and set you up for top to bottom turns. If you are looking to progress from the reform or white water we love taking people to the outside to catch these types of waves

Huntington Beach is our home it is where we perfected teaching surf lessons and although we did not invent the sport we mastered how to teach it in 2 hours to anyone regardless of age, skill level, or size. We emphasize safety in every lesson, have the best equipment on the beach, and are more stoked than any instructors you can find in the area. Learn To Surf is the standard for teaching surf lessons and we cant wait to show you what we are all about.

Learn to Surf™ Huntington Beach

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