Some people dream of being able to work everyday at the beach as they peer out their office window.  Here at Learn To Surf we are lucky enough to live that dream everyday as we have the honor of being surf instructors and stewards of the ocean.  Although we have a blast out in the water teaching people how to surf we take our jobs very seriously.  We are the real deal and have the highest level of safety training compared to any other surf school in Orange County.  Most schools hire seasonal people on Craigslist that are looking for summer jobs that have no qualifications or CPR/safety training.  Our standards are based off Navy SEAL/BUD/s training in which our founder went through and learned from the best watermen in the world.  So take a look at our link for surf instructor training and see if you have what it takes to be one of the best surf instructors in California.  Most of our candidates have a lifeguard/firefighting/EMT/or pro surfer background so we truly know how to keep you safe out in the ocean.  So when other “surf schools” say they are safe ask to see their credentials, ours are posted online because we practice what we preach…safety.  So if you are interested in becoming a surf instructor send us an email with your resume or give us a call and we will put you to the test.

Aloha Nui Loa!


New instructor and local charger Travis coming out with a beginner surfer.