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Checking out the weather this week, it looks like we have some serious wind and rain coming in. The swell chart looks great: we have a long period south swell coming in (once again!) that is going to hit all southern California​ locations. Bad news this time though, swells sometimes bring storms with them.

Depending on where you are, most of the wind is chopping our waves up from off shore. Usually, on shore winds are what we want to avoid, while offshore winds are our friend. Offshore winds break up and prevent the waves from breaking and collapsing so soon. In some instances though, depending on pressures and systems that cause the storm, we can have too much of a good thing. This week looks the case.

Conditions don’t seem to matter as much when working with our most very basic beginners. We can still paddle and catch white wash! Let’s hope these rains steer clear and don’t stand for long – we’ve had enough rain this winter already.

Written by Learn To Surf instructor, Jake McNulty.
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