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I’ll tell you guys about the first time I saw some of the pros in the lineup, like the famous ones.

I saw Rob Machado in the lineup at Cardiff Reef in Encinitas (near San Diego), and not gonna lie it was pretty sick. He’s not on the circuit anymore from what I know, but when he was competing, man, did he rip. And he totally ripped at Cardiff, if you’ve seen this guy’s videos he can seriously surf. He’s got style, and definitely had it on what I noticed was a classic short twin fish board.

Since then I’ve seen a few pros at Lower Trestles mostly: Kelly Slater and Jordy Smith were definitely the two biggest. Chris Hemsworth was out one time by me too (he’s an avid surfer for those of you who didn’t know)! I’ve been surfing for a long time and have traveled all over to do it. It’s cool to see these guys, not because of their star power, but because despite the star power, they’re still out in the lineup just like you and me, doing what they love. So that was a humbling and empowering thought for my surf and for me.