Huntington Beach goes through a transformation after Labor Day as the crowds start going home. The beaches revert to a more tranquil state where only a few surfers, bicyclists, and joggers now occupy the beach. The hectic days of summer subside leaving the beach open to new possibilities and visitors. Fall is truly a paradise for surfing in Huntington Beach as the water is still warm and offshore winds howl that help the conditions of the waves. This is an ideal time to learn the sport of surfing, as there are less people in the water and more opportunities to ride uncrowded waves. Waves are like a precious resource in the summer time as there are many people competing to ride them. Like any limited resource it is not always accessible to all who seek to enjoy it, as there is a lot of competition to ride waves. A beginning surfer is not always adept to the subtleties and etiquette required to catch waves in a competitive atmosphere. At Learn to Surf™ we teach the etiquette required in the sport of surfing as well as the positioning and situational awareness required to catch waves. In the fall the competitiveness drastically reduces out in the water amongst surfers due to more waves and less people. Hence making it an easier endeavor and putting the student at ease, as there are fewer obstacles to overcome like people wadding in the water or other surfers. Take advantage of the season of fall out in Huntington Beach because as most know it is billed as “surf city” and during spring and summer you will truly see the “city” come out to surf. Once you learn to surf you will live to surf…I hope to see you out in the water very soon.

Aloha Nui Loa!

No one out...endless possibilities

No one out…endless possibilities