Back for more, again. The South Bay has some of the most hardcore spots for surfers in LA. This time I’ll just go over two, since I have a whole blog about Hermosa pretty recently down there.

El Porto

Perhaps the most gnarly break in LA as far as size goes. It’s not the break it used to be in my opinion, I think an El Niño came in about 7 or 8 years ago and broke up the sandbars. A lot of a-frames that have great drop-ins and then close outs. Sometimes, but not always. Other times I go and it’s like the Porto I remember. In any case….

Low tide is probably the best time to go, if you can handle the paddle-out. There’s a nice channel right by Tower 42 and from there you can go right or left. Regular and goofy surfers both have great opportunity for their respective favorite directions to take on waves. That’s how beach breaks tend to be.


Oh my god, a left in LA! I can’t believe it. The left here is perhaps one of the most consistently breaking lefts we have in LA—that is WHEN it’s on. Similar to the Venice Pier, it’s a weird break in that its neighbors can go off while it’s real calm at Haggerty’s. Works the other way around, too. I think it gets pretty shorebreaky here when the tide is too high, so go at low(er) tide. Low tide isn’t actually that bad here, it can get a little hollowed out but it stays manageable so long as you don’t have monster swell.